Thursday, November 15, 2012

AIM School Reps

You've been training at Athletes In Motion and we've enjoyed every minute of it. If there is one way to make your training experience even better, it's training with more of your friends. We are currently accepting applications for High School Reps. If you’re chosen as your school’s representative, you'll be rewarded for getting your friends to work out with you. Not only will you receive free AIM gear and personalized AIM Rep cards to hand out to friends and teammates, but you’ll also earn twice the referral reward ($50 instead of $25 per referral) and qualify to earn extra perks and prizes.

What does it take to be a school rep?
We’re looking for athletes who are outgoing and social to represent Athletes In Motion at each High School. In order to qualify, you must be willing to spread the word and promote strength training at Athletes In Motion.

Interested?? Here’s what you need to do:
· Email us to get your application. Fill it out and send it back.
· Promise to only represent AIM for your strength training needs.
· Help spread the word and promote strength training at AIM. To help you out with this, you’ll receive AIM gear, rep cards, and watermarked web-sized images that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.
· Convince your friends and teammates to train at Athletes In Motion. The more referrals you send our way, the more rewards for you!

If you’re chosen as your schools AIM Rep, here’s what you’ll receive:
· FREE AIM gear to wear at school and other events.
· FREE AIM rep cards that you can pass out to your friends and teammates.
· FREE watermarked web-sized images that you can post on sites such as Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc
· You will earn $50 for each qualified referral
· The AIM School Rep that has the highest referrals will receive a $250 gift card to the store of their choice.

How will you receive credit for your referrals?
· Hand out your AIM Rep cards. These cards are personalized so that you receive credit for each card that is returned to us. The rep cards will include an offer for 1 free week of training to the person you referred to us.
· If a friend or teammate sees your images on Facebook/Twitter/etc and decides to train with us, make sure they tell us your name. As long as they tell us you referred them, you will receive the credit for the referral.
· You will receive credit for each person you refer once they have signed up and paid for their monthly program. Referrals must be people that are new to Athletes In Motion.

How to be a successful AIM Rep
· The most successful AIM Reps have made personal contact by phone, email or Facebook message to their friends and teammates.
· Get your parent’s involved! They can help spread the word, which will earn you more reward!

AIM School Rep not for you?
No worries! You can still earn $25 for each qualified referral. You can take this off the cost of your training program, use it towards AIM Gear, or we can give you a $25 gift certificate to the store of your choice. A "qualified referral" is defined as a new client to Athletes In Motion. You receive credit for the referral once the new client signs up and has paid for their monthly training program.

Remember, you can always bring friends to work out with you at no risk or cost to them. The first session is always FREE.

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