Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sports Performance Training for Youth Athletes

In our last newsletter we shared with you the story of how Zane Kelly founded Athletes In Motion. His first year training professional baseball players was exciting, not only because he was able to combine his two passions - baseball and strength & conditioning - but also because he was getting great feedback which confirmed he was doing the right thing.

But professional athletes weren't the only ones seeking Zane's training expertise. During this time, Zane was working out of Sunset Athletic Club and came across dozens of youth athletes that had the same drive to succeed in the sport they loved to play.

In 2008, Zane created a new program called the AIM Class, which targeted youth athletes. Between the ages of 8 and 14, kids are starting to become more competitive and serious about excelling in sports. They are also battling their own bodies, which are constantly changing and growing. Zane recognized that this age group had unique challenges and required a special type of program.

The AIM Class works on overall athleticism and skill. The program is designed to maximize physical ability while minimizing risk of injury. In the AIM Class, kids work to develop proper running techniques, athletic coordination, balance, relative strength, and muscular movement patterns.

As kids get a little older, the focus shifts from learning basic athletic skills to perfecting these skills. Repeated practice leads to permanent and positive changes and mastering these skills creates a better athlete.

Whether it's professional athletes wanting to improve and extend their career, collegiate players looking to become pro's, high schoolers with their sights set on a D1 scholarship, or youth athletes who are still honing their skills and developing... the theme is clear. Dedicated, driven, and hard-working athletes seek out and train with Athletes In Motion because they know hard work pays off and Zane's programs deliver what they are looking for.

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