Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The New CORE Generation

Written by Joshua O'Gorman

Here at Athletes In Motion, we do our best to provide our athletes' with up-to-date research on exercise and sports sciences. We do this so that our athletes have the proper tools and resources to develop and succeed.

As an Intern at AIM, my first project has been to reestablish and evolve the core programs. This evolution of the core programs is directly beneficial to our athletes by ways of less impact on lower spine and proper initiation of the abdominal muscles. The new exercises all have a similarity in that they try and emphasize a "neutral spine" which creates less impact on an already overused spine.

With the amount of research conducted by Zane and passed on to myself, we have learned that a simple crunch can put upwards to 760lbs of pressure on the lower spine. That amount of weight is unnecessary and can be eliminated with proper programming.

The new programs at AIM offer variations of planks, TRX Suspension Trainers, and fulcrum sliding movements. The use of stabilization methods work the abs and surrounding core muscles more effectively, more functionally, and without impact.

These programs containing functional movements will not only shred your stomach, they'll get you transferring more power from your lower body to your upper body when you compete.

Check out some of the exercises in the Camden Yards Core Program by watching the YouTube video:

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