Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movement Screens & Assessments

Don't Build on Dysfunction

Did you know that pitchers are 34% more likely to experience an injury during the baseball season than a position player?

Our Pitchers Screen is designed to detect physical "red flags" so that we can help make you a stronger, more sound pitcher.

My job as a Strength & Conditioning Coach is to detect weaknesses and keep guys healthy and on the field. If we don't have some form of an evaluation or assessment, then I am doing my athletes a disservice by not detecting their weaknesses.

When I'm performing an evaluation, I'm looking for red flags. I pay close attention to the shoulders and hips and look for early predictors of dysfunction.

The point of our evaluations is not to say you will get hurt during the season but instead to point out areas of weakness that you should work to improve in order to prevent from getting hurt.

I recently gave a presentation to a group of coaches on this exact topic. My main point was thatyou don't want to build on dysfunction. You wouldn't want to build a house on a cracked foundation just like we shouldn't strength train our bodies without first correcting any problems.

I gave the example of an athlete I saw doing squats. At this point in her training she was doing basic squats but I noticed her right knee caving in each time she squatted down. As an athlete, she knows the importance of being powerful. She also know that to become more powerful, you add weight. The problem is, by adding weight to her squat she is actually becoming less functional because she first needs to address the weakness in her hips that are causing the knee to kick way over during the squat.

If she were to have gotten an assessment, a professional could have easily identified the issue with her knee and then investigated further to identify what issues were causing her dysfunction and help her fix them.

With assessments, we can pretty accurately predict your risk of injury. And, whatever the finding may be, we can create a program specifically for you to correct it. Skipping the assessment is ignoring the problem and thus building on the dysfunction. So, Get in. Get screened. And have a great season!

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