Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In-Season Baseball Training

Train with AIM All Season Long!
Too often we see athletes make great progress during the off-season only to regress during the competitive season, mostly because they quit training. Most college and high school teams practice and/or play games 6 days a week so it's easy to think there's no time for additional training.

But really, what good is it to work your butt off during the winter months only to lose all the progress you've made once baseball starts? This last winter in particular we saw some amazing results from guys. Some of them adding 25 lbs of muscle and losing up to 6% body fat! Personally, I know that I wouldn't work that hard, only to quit training and lose my results.

Not only will in-season training prevent you from quickly regressing back to pre-training levels, but it will also protect you against injury. The last thing you want is to get injured and not even be able to play!

One way to avoid this downward spiral is to participate in a quality in-season strength & conditioning program. I know your busy between school, practices, games, and friends... but if you're really serious about playing at the next level, you will find the time and do what it takes.

It also helps to understand what an in-season training program should look like. Most of you are accustomed to training with me 4 and even 5 days a week. During the competitive season, I recommend no more than 2 full body workouts a week and they should generally last between 35 to 45 minutes each.

In-season workouts are also structured differently than our off-season workouts. You'll notice less stress on energy system development and more emphasis on strength & power, in addition to individual pre-hab work. 

The last thing I want to mention about in-season training is to always listen to your body. The workouts you participate in should be designed to keep you healthy and to maximize your performance.

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