Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What We Do

Athletes In Motion provides sports performance training to athletes of all levels. It is essential for every athlete to supplement their team or sport practice with a quality training program. Practice helps you hone your skills and a training program builds a bigger, faster, stronger you. This equates to not only being able to make contact with the ball, but hitting the ball with so much force, you knock it out of the park!

Starting at age 8, athletes can join the AIM Class which is offered in Beaverton, Portland and Clackamas. This class works to improve the athlete's Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness (SPARQ).

Athletes In Motion also offers group Strength & Conditioning sessions at various times with various trainers. Athletes receive a personalized program built specifically for their goals and are trained in a group setting in order to promote accountability and levels of success.

Each winter, Athletes In Motion trains more professional baseball players than anywhere else in the Northwest. The same methodology and intensity is offered to dedicated High School athletes in our Winter Conditioning program.

In the Fall and Summer, AIM hosts 18U and 19U Wood Bat Baseball teams. The athletes that participate on these teams are dedicated to working hard and playing at the next level - collegiate and pro! Our 19U Summer team preps the players for playing in college by traveling to play the top teams, being exposed to college coaches and scouts and visiting schools along the way.

Strength & Conditioning is incorportated into every AIM program. If interested in hitting or pitching lessons, we can connect you with a quality instructor. While these are not directly offered by AIM, we have several scouts and pro players that use our facility for this purpose.

Athletes In Motion swings exclusively wood bats.

AIM Class

 AIM Summer Baseball - CHAMPS!

Strength & Conditioning

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