Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prevent Injuries this Season

We've said before and we will say it again... You are almost eleven times more likely to get injured during the first month of the baseball season, than any other time of year.

Protect yourself and your career by participating in a quality in-season training program. We recommend training no more than 2 times per week during the season but offer sessions six days a week which allows you the flexibility to come in as your schedule allows.

Learn from my mistakes and don't train like a body builder! If you're serious about making a career out of baseball, get into a quality program that'll prevent injuries rather than cause them.

One thing I've noticed just from reading Facebook or Twitter, is that several key players at various high schools have already gone down with injuries! It's costing them critical playing time *think 20 scouts in the stands and you can't play because you're hurt*. And sometimes we only get that one opportunity.

Playing time is vital. You never know who is in the stands at any given game.

95% of injuries are preventable. Get in and get training!

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