Friday, November 18, 2011

AIM Baseball Philosophy

The philosophy at Athletes In Motion is to provide world-class, comprehensive training to dedicated baseball players with a passion to play at the next level. Hard work and dedication are keys to success and are qualities found in all of our athletes.

The coaches and instructors at Athletes In Motion all have an extensive baseball background and years of training experience. They also share the belief that to be a better player, not only do you have to work on the skills of baseball, but you also have to train your body to become a better athlete. Every program offered at Athletes In Motion contains a strength and conditioning component. We take a further integrated approach by offering players nutritional advice, mental game support, and body recovery and prevention techniques.

You’ll never find our athletes or coaches taking shortcuts, which is one reason why our players exclusively swing wood bats all year long. It’s our belief that swinging anything but wood handicaps the player and does not work towards our goal of preparing the athlete to play at the next level.

Lastly, we believe in challenging ourselves every chance we get therefore we elect to play an independent schedule. This allows us to hand pick our games and our competition, which often means we travel out of state to play teams that will challenge us and give us a better game.

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