Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In-Season Workout

It surprises me how many athletes drop off the face of the earth once the season starts. What good is it to be your strongest, quickest, and most powerful at the beginning of the season (when you are playing all of your non-league games) when within 4 weeks you will start to feel sluggish, weaker, and generally slower? Why go through all the rigorous off-season workouts if you’re going to let gains decline by mid season, and perform at less than optimum levels by the end of the season?

Coaches and players need to protect against this deterioration of performance. Our in-season goal is to maintain the results we earned in the off-season. 1-2 strength/power workouts ranging from about 45-60 minutes per week will help keep athletes running in tip-top shape all season long AND lower the likelihood of injury while doing it.

If you have questions about building a proper in-season workout, leave a comment or contact us!

Zane Kelly is the Owner and Creator of Athletes In Motion LLC, a company that provides training to more professional baseball players than anyone in the Northwest.

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